Cheap global calling with Dial-Up VOIP – South Africa


We South Africans spend billions on international calls and a large part of that is to the millions of friends and family members who live overseas. With as many cell-phones as people (yes….48 million!!!) and nearly 10 times more cell-phones than landlines, these calls are generally with the mobile phone. But you do not need to sacrifice mobility to experience cheaper calling – on the go.

Imagine being able to call a close friend living far away, during a night out with friends, to tell him how much you all miss him – for the same costs as calling a friend who is just up the street! Even, the other way around, whilst traveling calling your friends and telling them what a great time you are having.

By using Nimbuzz on your cell phone you can save half or more on your phone bill with DIAL-UP VOIP!!!!

Cellular Operator Call: A 10 minute call to a friend in the UK will normally cost you, depending on your provider, about 30 rands.

Nimbuzz Dial-up VOIP Call: The same call will cost you either 10 of your free-time minutes or 10 minutes of the local mobile-to-landline rates.

How does it work? In “Dial-up VOIP” setting, your IM buddy call is sent through a local phone number to Nimbuzz’s South African VOIP server then connects to our global VOIP and Dial-up VOIP (50+ countries) system that complete the call with your buddy using partial internet calling.

Nimbuzz users can call via Dial-up VOIP to all our existing IM Communities with calling enabled, and of course, Nimbuzz buddies. To benefit from other Nimbuzz features, your family and friends can also easily install Nimbuzz on their phone too (compatible on 1,000+ mobile phones).

Feel free to leave comments on your experience, try it!

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