Nimbuzz loves Apple – NEW Mac and iPhone!


South Africans love their Apple products and we want them to love them even more!

That is why today we are launching  Nimbuzz Apple suite, which brings Nimbuzz to your Mac [download Nimbuzz for Mac] and iPhone [download Nimbuzz for iPhone], matching the familiar design and UI style of Apple products you are used to, and unique features you haven’t seen!

Check out all the features in the video below and get more details after the jump:


With the new Nimbuzz Mac you can connect and interact with friends from the most popular instant messaging communities and social networks like, Facebook, AIM, MySpace, Google Talk (Orkut), Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), ICQ and many more, right from your (i)Mac or MacBook (Pro).

Nimbuzz Mac also lets you call your buddies on Nimbuzz, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk.

The iPhone and iPod touch upgrade lets you share photos, music and videos. The beauty of it is that the files are stored online so you have access to your files from your Mac, iPhone or iPod touch!! That also saves device memory :)


It is here: Push Notification for iPhone and iPod Touch – with home screen alerts of incoming calls or chats, effectively keeping you available to the rest of the world even though the app itself has been closed.

If you have questions in regards to the Push Notification feature, please the visit the official Apple page, it’s a great resource to get answers!

We also introduced another much requested feature: location sharing.  Now you can share and retrieve the location of your Nimbuzz buddies on the go. This makes it easier to find your friends and set up face to face meetings.

Download, explore and enjoy the new Nimbuzz Apple suite: Mac [download Nimbuzz for Mac] and iPhone [download Nimbuzz for iPhone] – let us know what you think!

Please tell your friends too! Help us spread the word :D !


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