Google Streetview and Localisation Services


As some of you may have heard Google has now started driving around South Africa taking photos for Street View in Google Maps. Stephen Newton, country manager for SA, mentioned in a recent interview for Moneyweb that we are only the 13th country worldwide to get this service. We are definitely climbing the global ranks and not only our rugby and cricket teams.

For those of you that don’t know streetview I can tell you it is amazing and I love it! I sometimes take trips down Memory Lane and visit all those places that were special in my life. Below are two screenshots of the house I lived with 6 friends when I was a student in Holland and the hospital in Sydney where I came into this amazing world. Just type an address in Google Maps and drag the “walking person avitar” to any place on the map. Countries currently on Street View are the US, UK, Japan, some European countries and Australia and New Zealand.


Yes, that’s Australia and please don’t get upset after the rugby this weekend, SA should still win the tri-nations :). If you want you can go and look at the stadium in New Zealand where the last crucial game will be played at Waikato Stadium. See where hopefully lots of South African fans will be celebrating another Tri-Nations victory on Saturday together with their Bok heroes.


And if you have Nimbuzz on your  phone you can actually see on maps where your friends are if they have a GPS enabled phone as Nimbuzz’s Location Sharing feature allows you to share your current location. I sometimes use it to see what my Nimbuzz friends in Holland are up to and it looks like they spend most of their time at our offices in Rotterdam. The Nimbuzz Location Sharing feature is also great for worried parents. You want to know where your “little one” is? Well … just go in to your contact list and retrieve his location on the map. He is not online? No problem just send him a Buzz to get him on line. It’s as easy as that.

4 Responses to “Google Streetview and Localisation Services”

  1. You can see South Africa’s Streetview with Nimbuzz buddy location map now?? which client version do I need to use?

    abigail September 7th, 2009
  2. Hi, clients with Nimbuzz localisation are Windows Mobile, iPhone and Symbian. Nimbuzz uses the map application on your phone so it will not always be google mapas.

    Google’s South African Streetviews will not be live for a few months as there is a lengthy process of stitching all the photo’s together but the best way to see what it will look like is to go to google maps on your browser and go to London or New York, like Piccadilly Circus or Times Square and have a look.

    reiniervv September 9th, 2009
  3. […] will soon be making street view available for South Africa…. imagine replacing your boring GPS maps for satellite images […]

    Google phone Nexus One in South Africa? January 14th, 2010
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