The battle of the smartphones!


On the main Nimbuzz blog there was an article on Smartphone Web traffic this week. In summary the iPhone OS has 50% market share and Symbian 25% in the AdMob survey. Android seems to be rising fast and is 3rd on 11% whilst RIM (Blackberry) has surprisingly only 7% of the market share. For further details please see the article.

You know that Nimbuzz supports all these platforms. NimbuzzOut is now available for iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile and soon also on the other platforms.

I have used or experienced all of the platforms in one way or another and will share a number of my own views on the pros and cons of each.

The iPhone OS is definitely my favourite despite two major downsides. On an iPhone VOIP over 3G is not available, although maybe soon, and there is no ability to multitask or run programs in the background. Nevertheless the ease of use combined with the availability of all imaginable services (on 3GS) and applications make this OS stand out for me. Nevertheless I would think the market share in South Africa is much smaller. Possibly due to availability as it took me nearly two months to get a replacement for my stolen phone.

The Symbian OS, which came second in the survey, is predominantly found on Nokia devices. Many older people like me :) grew up with Nokia and surprisingly it is still easy to find my way around the phone. Multi tasking and VOIP are available and in general this OS is easy to use. It just misses that bit of forward thinking that most of the other OS’s have. Maybe Maemo will make that difference. Paul Jacobson is writing (!!)  a great review of the N900 which you should read if interested.

The Android OS is the one that definitely has me hooked and I believe is destined to be a winner. It has all the cool things, even live Google street-view navigation and is developed by one of the great companies of now. Applications are streaming in as it is an open platform. Really there is nothing I can think of that it misses. It is easy to use and the way it’s going I think I might step over when I can. I hope to see more of the operators in South Africa offering phones running on Android as now it is difficult to find one.

The RIM (Blackberry) OS is always a bit of a disappointment for me. Especially because so many of my friends are glued to theirs and rave about their Blackberries. For secure networks it is absolutely the best and there are some great applications available. To me however the interface is too traditional and complex to have a good experience. All three other OS’s above are much more intuitive. Nevertheless Blackberry is taking South Africa by storm (no pun intended) and most of the users are extremely happy.

The other Operating systems Windows Mobile and Palm I haven’t mentioned. Mainly because they both have small market shares, especially here in South Africa. People I know who have phones on these operating systems always seem to be pretty happy though.

We have released new versions of Nimbuzz on all major operating systems over the last few months. Please read the here if you are interested in the new features available on all the operating systems.

If you’re running an old version of Nimbuzz, now is the time for your free upgrade!

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  1. I have been searching online for articles like this and appreciate the tim and effort you put into helping folks like me. Thank you

    Dion Chasten February 3rd, 2010

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