Will iPads and similar devices become the saviors of the traditional media?

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The online world is full with whether Apple’s new iPad is either fantastic or disappointing! If I look at the device itself I myself could tend towards the latter. However if I look at the larger picture I believe we are going to face  a major shift in many things we now believe are normal. Looking at the changes the iPod brought to music-on-the-go and buying music on-line or at the changes the iPhone brought to what we do with our smart-phones and how we buy applications, then a major change seems inevitable. Both devices had similar criticism to the iPad being that there were competitive products that could do more, were cheaper etc.. I am definitely not the first, or only one to say that the distribution and integration of content (music, applications) are one of the major keys to the success.

So why the title  of this blog?

No doubt Twitter, Digg amongst others have an enormous influence on what news is popular in the eyes of readers and I definitely believe they are going to continue playing their role. Finding subjects that interest me rather than sifting out loads of non-interesting information as is often the case with traditional media, whether TV, newspapers radio or magazines is definitely one of the major plusses. However books, news and reviews and research prepared by professionals (writers, journalists and artists in general) is still for me and many I know a great way to enhance the joy of my free time lying on the beach, on the sofa or having a cappuccino in a café and to simply still my thirst for news and knowledge.

The cross-over between the two above, is where I believe the traditional media is going to make a come back. How? Many media groups have a multitude of stations and publications they now distribute as complete issues and episodes. If they can, and I truly hope they do, find the way to allow me to search for what I would like to read, watch or listen to and then charge me small amounts for each, much like what happens with iTunes music and applications, I will definitely become a paying customer. Especially if I can have access with a simple device like an iPad or Kindle, that is focused on delivering media and simple lifestyle enhancing applications. After all, privately most of us do not use a computer for more than Facebook, emails, gaming, browsing for something we are interested in or looking at photos and movie(clips).

I hope my future iPad or one of the definitely to come cousins from other manufacturers will be just that: not as all-round, and therefore relatively bulky, as my work computer and not as small and therefore not really enjoyable for prolonged use as my smart-phone: a perfect device for enhancing/mobilising my social life-style and thirst for news and knowledge.

And for the last I really do need quality and professional information; so media moguls and conglomerates please come to the party.

And because Nimbuzz will definitely be available on these devices I will have everything I want. :)

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