Apple, Android, and RIM winners in 2009 smartphone growth, Nokia and Symbian still dominate


A few interesting numbers according to a recent study by Gartner and an article by Thomas Ricker on Engadget.

Globally about 20% more smartphones were sold in 2009 whilst overall mobile phone sales remained roughly the same. Smartphones still only represent 15% of the overall market but that is obviously changing quickly.

Apple more than doubled its sales whilst RIM grew by close to 50%. Android has gone from nowhere to the 5th largest smartphone OS.

Despite impressive growth of the above Symbian is by far the largest (nearly as large as all other OS put together !!!) although not growing as fast as the other three. The new Symbian 3 OS could change all.  Microsoft is actually selling less but I expect they should turn things around with the new Windows 7 OS coming later this year and stay in the picture.

It is also interesting that LG and Samsung are growing their market share globally and mostly at the expense of the traditional large players like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola who are all selling less phones than a year ago which I suppose underlines some finding in a previous post of old versus new.


With all the movements in the market you can be assured of one thing and that is that Nimbuzz has specialised versions for all mentioned mobile Operating Systems whether on smartphones or on “normal” phones. :) :) :)

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