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Nimbuzz Forum: Tips and tricks to a better life with Nimbuzz!

November 1st, 2009


Hello all you hyper-connected, super social, real-time lovin’ Nimbuzz users!!

Great news! We have launched a new user-friendly Nimbuzz Forum! The content from the previous layout has been merged into a snazzy new design with new categories to make communication even easier,

So what’s new? :D :


New Nimbuzz for Mac update!

October 30th, 2009

Nimbuzz for Mac Contact list

As you probably know ,here at Nimbuzz we are big Apple fans so to welcome the new Macs into the world we’ve just released a new hot update of our Nimbuzz for Mac client! [download link].

What’s new?  Here’s a list of the new and improved features:



October 5th, 2009


Nimbuzz is literally in the Spotlight this week on the Nokia Ovi Store… From today, we will be featured in the Social Networking category, and our time in the Spotlight will give us great exposure in front of a worldwide audience of millions – we’re excited to be there! :)

So tell all your friends with a Nokia handset to visit the Ovi store now at and download Nimbuzz for free!

Have you downloaded Nimbuzz from Ovi?  Let us know!

WIN an iPhone 3GS! Take the Nimbuzz survey!

September 29th, 2009


Take the Nimbuzz survey and WIN an iPhone 3GS!

The last Nimbuzz survey gave us a great chance to get to know you. Now we would like to know a little bit more about what you think of Nimbuzz and how we can make it even better :D .

Simply spend a few minutes completing the Nimbuzz survey, and you could win a brand new iPhone 3GS! And I really wish I could enter as somebody stole my iPhone on Friday and I really can’t imagine spending more time without my iPhone so I suppose I’m off to the shops this afternoon !


Nimbuzz EmotiContest Winner!

September 10th, 2009


The Nimbuzz EmotiContest is over and we have a winner: Nemanja Djurdjevic with the “jawdropping” emoticon!  jawdropping-emoticon He is the new proud owner of the Nokia 5800. Congratulations!!

With more than 60 entries and a lot more than 100 emoticons, it was a pretty hard job for our design team to pick the winner from all the good designs that were submitted.

The teamhave picked Nemanja considering:

  • the quality of the design
  • if it’s a new emoticon, not a variation of the ones we already have
  • how good it expresses a feeling
  • how good it fits the Nimbuzz Emoticons style

We really hope the Nemanja will send us a picture with him and his new phone, so we can all see who is the creator of jawdropping emoticon.

After posting the the EmotiContest Semifinalists blog post we have received A LOT of new entries over the weekend that influenced the new top of the Semifinalists. Here are the entries that made it in the second semifinal, and from which we have picked the winner:


Official: Nimbuzz entering Nokia’s Ovi Store

September 1st, 2009


Good news for all the Nokia and Nimbuzz fans out there, Nimbuzz is present in the Ovi store and ready for download for your beloved Nokia mobile phones [Ovi Download link].

In the last year many of us realized that Apple’s App Store model was a huge success and with 1 Billion applications downloaded in less one year, few can contradict this.

The idea spread out really quick and soon after,  big names of the mobile industry went in the same direction.  Nokia,  Google, Sony (and a lot more to follow) created a unique space for their users to find the best applications for their mobile phones. From what we can tell each of the stores is a success:  App Store, Android Market, Ovi Store and also where Nimbuzz was the was #1 most downloaded application in US store last month.

Soon after Nimbuzz was present in the Ovi Store, Yash Maheshwar  from Oviapplications wrote a really detailed Nimbuzz review that we are really happy to share with you: Nimbuzz – The one app to IM them all!

If you are looking for an IM solution, look no further than Nimbuzz. It is your one stop solution for communicating with your friends or calling your loved ones abroad using Skype.

So if you want “The one app to IM them all!” ;)  go to Ovi store and download Nimbuzz now!

If you want to keep up with the latest Ovi applications reviews we recommend you to follow @oviapplications on Twitter and for the Nimbuzz’s latest and greatest you can follow us on Twitter: @nimbuzz

New Nimbuzz version: Faster and easier access to your chats! – GetJar Exclusive

August 31st, 2009


Our recent Global Survey revealed that 55% of South African Nimbuzz users have a Java phone so this is great news for all the owners of a Java mobile phones, we have just released a brand new Nimbuzz version exclusively on Getjar.

This new version will also be available on in a week , but if you want to try it today go to and download now.

To get it straight on your mobile, go to from your mobile browser, search for Nimbuzz and download ;).

Here are the brand new features that we have introduced in the Java 1.5 release:


Nimbuzz mobile social messaging for Android

August 12th, 2009


[Nimbuzz for Android is ready for download and for South African users here !

Unique for Android users, we are introducing

  • a smart buddy list layout,
  • Skype and local social network support,
  • a time-sensitive user interface (!),
  • home-screen notifications,
  • auto-reconnect,
  • and clickable URLs

to make Nimbuzz the most sophisticated mobile social messaging application for Android handsets.

In South Africa we do not yet have the Android Market although work is being done for the opening later this month. South African users can go to on the browser of their handset which will give the opportunity to download direct to your handset.


Win a Nokia 5800! Join the EmotiContest!

August 5th, 2009


Last month we introduced the Nimbuzz EmotiContest, and decided to extend it for another month! Now we raise the stake.

This means that until August 31, you can send us your emoticon design(s)… and You can WIN - a Brand new Nokia 5800!!

Thank you for all the great designs received so far! We promise to post a gallery on the blog with the best emoticons!

Basically the rules are the same as the last time! Tell your friends!


Nimbuzz Ambassador Spotlight

July 29th, 2009


Our Ambassadors love to help us test all our beta releases each month and we are really happy to see that they are really active. If you are one of our South African Ambassadors and would like to share your experiences with our worldwide community, or if you would like to become one please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Now let’s put them in the Spotlight so everybody can meet the guys that help us make Nimbuzz better.

This month they share what are the 3 features they would add to Nimbuzz and why.

Leila, who runs Nimbuzz on her iPhone, Blackberry and Web says: The obvious choice for me would be to have Twitter integration. I am a “twitaholic”, with over 10,000 tweets in just over a year, so this would make things so much easier for me.