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Nimbuzz no longer available for Windows Mobile

June 2nd, 2010

windows-mobile-support 1

These might not be the best news of today, but we’d like to inform you that as of July 1st Nimbuzz for Windows Mobile phones will no longer be available for download from our website.

If you already have Nimbuzz on your mobile phone we will continue to offer support until the end of 2010, but no new features will be added, which means there won’t be any future update.


Choose your custom ringtone with Nimbuzz for Android!

February 3rd, 2010

Nimbuzz chat options

Good news for all Android users! We have just released a brand new update for you :)  [Download link].

Here is the list of cool new features waiting for you:

  • Custom ringtone – chose a custom ringtone for incoming Nimbuzz calls
  • Voicemail support – not available for the call? No problem, now your friends can leave you a message :)
  • Call SkypeOut contacts – call the phone numbers saved as contacts in your Skype phonebook
  • Permanent notification – choose if you want to see the Nimbuzz icon in the notification bar while the app it’s running.

Nimbuzz Skype Call on Nexus One

Google phone Nexus One in South Africa?

January 14th, 2010


One of the big questions everyone is asking is when the Nexus One will be available in South Africa. News24 reported that it will be nowhere soon.

I really don’t want to settle for that answer and looking at the specs (via and the live demo with Nimbuzz below I am sure you are at least interested. I want one, or at least play with one for a while !!

Google will soon be making street view available for South Africa…. imagine replacing your boring GPS maps for satellite images and street views of where you are going! And then there is Wave, which seems to have gone from a 15 footer to a 2 foot wave, but nonetheless highly anticipated by me at least.


Uses for Nimbuzz in the classroom are only limited by our imaginations

July 6th, 2009


Eugene Brown, a teacher in Durban, believes using technology gives him the opportunity to connect with his pupils at their level. Eugene’s personal opinion is that banning cell phones in the classroom (as an educational tool) would equate to taking away a child’s pen and paper.

Have a look at his blog here . A few key points of his message are:

One of the easiest, cheapest and most available ways of bringing technology into the classroom is via the cell phone. Especially in South Africa where mobile internet access has one of the highest percentages and uses in the world. Not every school and definitely not every pupil has easy access to fixed-line broadband, computers and thus email and internet. So using the Nimbuzz communication tools that cross multiple platforms from desktop applications to web-applications to more than a 1000 mobile phone clients Eugene can stay in touch with all his pupils.

A few examples of how Eugene uses Nimbuzz in his classroom and for communication with his pupils:

He uses Nimbuzz chat to confirm homework and tests that have to be done and even to help them with their homework during a fixed daily chatroom which his pupils “attend”.

With Nimbuzz messaging he can send pupils documents on their phone such as work they have missed in the classroom, assignments and various other reference documents.

Do you also have imaginative uses for Nimbuzz. Let us know !

Wi-Fi in the Sky! Call, chat and message with Nimbuzz in the clouds!

May 20th, 2009


Wi-Fi in the Sky is the next big thing! (or so they say)

Each day, our lives become more and more mobile, and we need to always be available to our family, friends or business contacts.

The latest buzz in the blogosphere is the project of introducing a Wi-Fi connection, in the airplanes. This will result in complete and “always on” presence online for the ones that need it (like me ).

For U.S. we already have dates when Wi-Fi will be available for most of the travelers.

“AirTran Airways will equip all of its 136 planes with Wi-Fi by the end of July 2009.”
“Delta Air Lines, which operates more than 1,000 planes, and American Airlines, with more than 600 jets, are rolling the service out over the next year (2010).” [LAtimes]


Cheap global calling with Dial-Up VOIP – South Africa

May 14th, 2009


We South Africans spend billions on international calls and a large part of that is to the millions of friends and family members who live overseas. With as many cell-phones as people (yes….48 million!!!) and nearly 10 times more cell-phones than landlines, these calls are generally with the mobile phone. But you do not need to sacrifice mobility to experience cheaper calling – on the go.

Imagine being able to call a close friend living far away, during a night out with friends, to tell him how much you all miss him – for the same costs as calling a friend who is just up the street! Even, the other way around, whilst traveling calling your friends and telling them what a great time you are having.

By using Nimbuzz on your cell phone you can save half or more on your phone bill with DIAL-UP VOIP!!!!