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Mobile phones and security of personal data.

September 30th, 2009


I am writing this post because of an incident last weekend. After a long week of work I went for dinner with a few friends and afterwards we ended up in a local hang-out in Cape Town having a few well deserved drinks. It was busy and somehow somebody managed to grab my iPhone and wallet out of my back pocket. I won’t go into the facts that I should be more careful, the costs of replacing everything and the time spent doing so because my blood-pressure will just rise too high.

I had my iPhone for just under a year and it truly had become my favourite companion with email, music, internet, facebook and Nimbuzz all in my one little toy. After it was gone I realised how much information is actually on there. One good thing was that there is always a backup of the information on my MAC and my mobileMe account.

However ……..