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Windows Mobile Update: Get Location, SkypeOut and improved UI

June 25th, 2009


Good news for Windows Mobile users: we just launched an update of Nimbuzz! [Download Nimbuzz]

Here are the new features:

  • Location sharing – share your location with your Nimbuzz buddies.
  • SkypeOut - make calls to mobile phones and landlines using SkypeOut credits.
  • SIP calling - make calls to mobile phones and landlines using one of our SIP partners.
  • Dial-pad - dial any phone number quickly and easily.
  • Improved UI:
    Active chats are now directly accessible from the top of the buddy list.
    - Buddy profiles
    Switch between Group views from the buddy list


Bridging the 3G VoIP gap on the iPhone: instant messaging and VoIP deluxe

April 22nd, 2009


We have just released our new iPhone version of Nimbuzz to bridge the 3G VoIP gap, and also turn the iPod Touch into an iPhone.

With free Wi-Fi calls to instant messaging buddies already available, we have added a full dial-pad, and the ability to make VoIP calls to landlines and mobile phones at significantly reduced rates with Skype Out, and via our 10 VoIP partners including Gizmo5, Vyke, sipgate and A1.

Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone! Make calls over Wi-Fi via SkypeOut or via your VoIP provider. You can even see the available Skype Out credit you have directly on the dial pad! Just use the Apple headset with a microphone.

If Wi-Fi is unavailable you can make VoIP calls to Nimbuzz buddies using Nimbuzz Dial-Up VoIP in over 50 countries.

Dial-Up VoIP? What this means is that Nimbuzz dials a local access number that connects to anywhere in the world via Nimbuzz VoIP servers. So you can call your Nimbuzz buddies anywhere for the same cost of a domestic call :)

P.S.: We are experimenting with Twitter, and you can post to Twitter via the Personal Message feature! Try it. Your comments are always welcome, so please feel free to give feedback.


Nimbuzz 2.0 for Symbian!

April 22nd, 2009


Up until now, the Nimbuzz for Symbian‘s Menu button layout was the central connection point for any buddy, feature or setting.

“2.0” has a brand new interface and feature line-up. Download it now!

You’ll notice the new design with Tabs. Quickly switch between your favorite features by browsing through the 4 tabs: Nimbuzz (buddy-list), Chats, Phone Calls, and Messaging.

But there is more! We have a huge list of updates for you this time:

  • Sort your buddy-list by favorites. People you communicate with most, appear at the top of your buddy-list.
  • Choose your favorite ringtones for new chats, messages, and calls.
  • Directly make SkypeOut calls from the Phone Calls tab; always see what your current SkypeOut credit and username are.
  • Pressing the red “hang-up” button now hides Nimbuzz instead of exiting.