Facebook Zero and Lite for low bandwidth connections.

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Great news for Africa and other areas with low bandwidth coverage. Facebook already has a Lite version which is a stripped down version making it a lot faster when you don’t have a fast connection. This site still covers most of Facebook’s options, including photos, but is significantly faster and ideal for slower and poor internet connections.

And now Facebook is planing an even “lighter” version called Zero. A spokesman for Facebook said: “We are discussing it… as an option to make Facebook on the mobile web available to everyone, anywhere and allow operators to encourage more mobile internet usage” The Zero version will be text only so the speed and data usage will be much better. Especially for African countries where mobile data costs are extremely high and connection speed often also relatively slow. Facebook said the new site “omits data intensive applications like photos”.

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Apple, Android, and RIM winners in 2009 smartphone growth, Nokia and Symbian still dominate


A few interesting numbers according to a recent study by Gartner and an article by Thomas Ricker on Engadget.

Globally about 20% more smartphones were sold in 2009 whilst overall mobile phone sales remained roughly the same. Smartphones still only represent 15% of the overall market but that is obviously changing quickly.

Apple more than doubled its sales whilst RIM grew by close to 50%. Android has gone from nowhere to the 5th largest smartphone OS.

Despite impressive growth of the above Symbian is by far the largest (nearly as large as all other OS put together !!!) although not growing as fast as the other three. The new Symbian 3 OS could change all.  Microsoft is actually selling less but I expect they should turn things around with the new Windows 7 OS coming later this year and stay in the picture.

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The world’s cheapest phone coming to South Africa?


If you are reading the Nimbuzz blogs you will know that the World Mobile Congress 2010 is taking place in Barcelona. One of the exciting bits of news is that Vodafone, and so hopefully Vodacom soon too, announced the “world’s cheapest phone” which at todays exchange will sell for R115.

What will you get for this:

  • 5 hours of battery
  • SMS
  • 2 games
  • a tourch :)

For an extra R40 you will get a Vodafone 250 with a larger colour screen and a FM radio.

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Nimbuzz wins a TMC Product of the Year Award!


Good news everyone :) : Nimbuzz has won a TMC INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award!

We are really happy top be recognized by one of the leading publication covering the IP communications industry as one of the most innovative products of 2009!

The editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY selected the companies that have demonstrated the vision, leadership, and thoroughness associated with the Product of the Year Award.

“After receiving hundreds of applications again this year, judging the products was difficult but I am confident that the selected winners are dedicated to quality and the growth of the IP communications industry. These winners deserve this award.” TMC group editorial director, Erik Linask, said.

This award recognizes the fantastic VoIP calling services provided by Nimbuzz and proves once again that Nimbuzz is  a must have app for your mobile phone! As one of the most innovative companies of 2009, Nimbuzz has the necessary vision and means to transform your mobile into the ultimate tool for social networking and communication – and all for free!

Convinced already? Try Nimbuzz on your mobile!

You can read TMC’s announcement here:  TMC’S INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine Announces 12th Annual Product of the Year Award Winners

Meet Nimbuzz at MWC 2010


It is Mobile World Congress time again, and we invite to come and meet us at our booth to show you what we’ve got coming up for you!

Mobile World Congress is the biggest yearly event of the mobile industry, and it is the place where leaders in the space gather to collaborate. In 2009, Mobile World Congress hosted approximately 47,000 mobile professionals from 182 countries.

Nimbuzz is here to learn about the latest developments in the mobile space, as well as to show the industry the progress we have made.  We are proud to show everyone what we have been working on and what’s coming in 2010.

Find us at the Nimuzz booth in Hall 7 (App World) - stand 7G20.  We are also an official partner of RIM and will be present at their stand in Hall 8.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Check out the map to our booth after the jump and click on it to enlarge.


Nimbuzz ‘Buzz’


As some of you may have noticed, the ‘Buzz’ feature is currently unavailable. We are looking into alternatives to provide an even better user experience, and will let you all know as soon as this becomes available.

Thanks for your patience!

Nimbuzz Team

Community connectivity

As some of you have already noticed and reported on Twitter, blog and email we have some issues with the communities connectivity: if you login into Nimbuzz you might not be able to see some of your friends (Facebook, WLM, Skype or other) .

Don’t worry we are working on it and it will be fixed soon!

Also please be sure you have the latest version installed on your device! You can download it via our website or specific App stores.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and feedback.

Will iPads and similar devices become the saviors of the traditional media?

Screen shot 2010-02-12 at 17.34.12

The online world is full with whether Apple’s new iPad is either fantastic or disappointing! If I look at the device itself I myself could tend towards the latter. However if I look at the larger picture I believe we are going to face  a major shift in many things we now believe are normal. Looking at the changes the iPod brought to music-on-the-go and buying music on-line or at the changes the iPhone brought to what we do with our smart-phones and how we buy applications, then a major change seems inevitable. Both devices had similar criticism to the iPad being that there were competitive products that could do more, were cheaper etc.. I am definitely not the first, or only one to say that the distribution and integration of content (music, applications) are one of the major keys to the success.

So why the title  of this blog?

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Nimbuzz surpasses 1 million downloads in Nokia’s OVI store


We’re delighted to tell you that Nimbuzz was has surpassed 1 million downloads on Nokia’s Ovi Store [Download Nimbuzz from OVI].

And the news was already picked up by the top mobile influencers on the web. Here’s what they said:

It seems that our latest update was a real success among the Symbian users and with features like these, no wonder :

And the NimbuzzOut winners are…


Back in December we launched two very cool contests for all our  NimbuzzOut users:

  • Win a fantastic holiday to your most-called destination!
  • Make the first call of 2010 on NimbuzzOut & we’ll pay your bill for the year!

First and foremost, for anyone who doesn’t know yet, NimbuzzOut lets you make incredibly cheap international calls from your mobile, to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world. By using it on your mobile or PC you can save up to 95% of your monthly bill.

Currently NimbuzzOut is available on Nimbuzz for iPhone, iPod Touch, Symbian, Windows Mobile and PC with more to follow soon! .

How much you can save? Check the NimbuzzOut rates .

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